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Dare To Want!

When's the last time you let yourself deeply want something with intensity and burning desire? When did you last long for something so badly you absolutely had to have it? Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not talking your last craving for a double fudge brownie sundae topped with extra whipped cream! Rather, more importantly, when was the last time you let yourself feel a burning ache, an insatiable hunger to live out your passion and purpose? To quench the need to make your life matter, to impact others, or to make a difference?

DARE TO WANT: When you're really ready to Get Your Dream On, you always want something. You experience a driving desire for something to be different, better, or new. So today, here's an encouraging nudge to unleash your passion. Put aside your fear. Speak forth your dream. Stop being passive and let your heart truly dare to want.

INQUIRY: Putting aside all fear, what's one dream you desire for your life that you will allow yourself to dare to want?

ACTION STEP: Once you've decided what you'll allow yourself to want, choose two trustworthy colleagues or friends to share your thoughts with. Begin honoring your longing by telling others about it.

AFFIRMATION: I dare to want!

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