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with Dr. David Mains

Who is David Mains?

He's known for his expertise in crafting sermons that are not only memorable but also life-changing.


Being able to consult with him on your sermons is a pastor's dream come true.


David, a personal communications specialist, is ready to help you hone and improve your preaching skills through his sermon coaching services. 


Your Personal

Sermon Coach

Radically Improving Every Sunday Sermon

Does your congregation remember what your last Sunday sermon was about? Do they really? Statistics show that by Monday morning most sermon points have been forgotten. Pastors are constantly challenged to make their sermons relevant and memorable. So why are many messags quickly forgotten, never to be thought about again? And what's the secret to preaching unforgettable sermons that result in changed lives? For you, the solution could be working with a seasoned sermon coach who has decades of experience creating unforgettable Sunday sermons.



  • An easy to learn step by step system for quickly developing transformational sermons.

  • Expert analysis, critique and feedback from a sermon specialist.

  • A coach who will help you rise to your professional best.

  • Measurable results that can be seen and recognized by the congregation.

  • A listening ear that's conquered the pressure of sermon deadlines.

  • A communication specialist who quickly detects where the gaps are in your present approach.

  • A safe mentor to run your ideas past.

  • A practical and proven sermon writing approach that's not taught in seminary.

  • Decades of priceless ministry insight, wisdom and advice.

DRM Headshot.png

"When pastors improve their preaching skills, the life of the church changes. I believe under strong preaching the local church can radically alter the trajectory of a given society."

- David Mains


  • Planted a church in the heart of Chicago to reverse church flight from the inner city (1967–1977)

  • Established a racially integrated staff and congregation; elevated the role of women

  • Pioneered meaningful worship for contemporary, worshipers through listener brainstorming, integrated the arts, and the use of lay gifts

  • Designed practical response tools for measurable spiritual growth

  • For twenty years was the director and speaker on of the The Chapel of the Air radio broadcast heard Monday through Saturday on over 500 stations across North America

  • Pulled together teams of planning pastors from across the country to design the 50-Day Spiritual Adventures, a worship/preaching-centered  seven-week spiritual-growth tool used by some 15,000 churches and millions of laypeople

  • Formed Mainstay Church Resources to design spiritual growth tools and traveled with teams of pastors to conduct over 135 yearly pastors’ training conferences

  • Established the daily national television show You Need to Know and won the Programmer of the Year Award from the National Religious Broadcasters in 1995

  • Developed the Mainstay Model, a sermon preparation tool to radically transform the effectiveness of preaching

  • Authored or co-authored over 15 books including the best selling children's series, The Kingdom Tales

  • Served as the General Editor of the Bible for Personal Revival (Zondervan)


  • Through weekly  (or bi-weekly) sessions, David will work through your sermons and coach you on his sermon preparation tools.

  • Each session is 55 minutes long and will take place over the phone or through Skype. These are individual sessions so you'll have David's undivided attention for that time.

  • You'll have weekly assignments that you'll complete to strengthen your sermon writing and presentation skills.


Getting your people to remember is one thing. Getting them to apply what you've taught them is a whole other challenge. 


As a preacher you're standing in for the world's greatest storyteller. Learning how to become a better storyteller will go a long way in making your sermons memorable.


Designing a sermon is crucial if you want your people to put those truths to action throughout the week.


Getting a small group of people to give you constructive feedback is helpful for knowing how your sermons are being received.


Individual Session - $100

Silver Coaching Package - $425

(5 coaching sessions at $75 each)

Gold Coaching Package - $650

(10 coaching sessions at $65 each)

David will contact you by email to set up your

meeting day/time once you've  registered

and purchased your session(s).

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