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Are you ready to embrace your life more fully--with passion, purpose, and deeper meaning? Partner with Melissa as your Life Coach. She'll inspire and encourage you to create the life you've been longing for.


  • Live Your Best Life

  • Unleash Your Creativity

  • Tap Your Passions

  • Discover Purpose

  • Release Fear

  • Rewrite Your Story

  • Dream Big

  • Dare To Do

  • Nurture Your Soul

  • Experience Joy

  • Find Your Future

  • And much more!

"I love the challenge of exploring areas of growth that seem unreachable--goals that most would consider unattainable, or even unthinkable. We're each responsible for creating our own lives. The thought of that thrills me!"

- Melissa Timberlake


Melissa Timberlake is an author, speaker and professional life coach with an unwavering passion for excellence. Her life purpose is to connect with and inspire others through creative communication, events and experiences. She has a sharp instinct that helps her detect and hone those qualities that are highest, best and most brilliant in both people and in organizations. One of her core beliefs is, “Growth happens when you're on the edge". 

With a background in theater performance, radio, television and video production, Melissa is comfortable and confident in a variety of creative communication formats. Melissa believes passionately in the healing of laughter. Because of that, she trained in improvisation and comedy at Improv Olympics in Chicago. With her husband, Doug, she created The Comedy Café, a whacky, sidesplitting, interactive, improvisational show that keeps audiences on their toes while building community through laughter, play and fun. Along with numerous freelance assignments, Melissa has co-authored 3 books. Her first book entitled Getting Beyond “How Are you?” teaches people how to create deeper connections through the art of good conversation. 

Besides being an excellent communicator, Melissa is also an intuitive and highly effective Professional Life Coach who “holds” a person, concept, business or project to its ultimate greatness. She’s been described as a consummate encourager who stands by the resolute belief that we can do more, be more, become more–and all the while truly enjoy the process. She possesses the rare combination of powerful listening, spot-on insights and a fierce commitment to how her clients are showing up in their businesses and in their personal lives.


I worked with Melissa to discover possibilities for a second career. She was insightful, encouraging, resourceful and a delight to be around. After each session my mind was opened to new possibilities and I always felt delighted to have spent time with her working on my needs. I would highly recommend Melissa a a source for any coaching needs you may have-in whatever area of life you would like to improve. 

Debbie Romero / Product Marketing Manager

Melissa's blend of gifts is magnificent, revealing a deep synergy of imagination, compassion, ferocious commitment to human potential, sheer joy of living, creativity, and inspiration. Are you going to connect with Melissa? If so, get ready to laugh loudly, reflect deeply, and discover evolving beauty and wisdom within yourself.

Lori J. Carrell Ph.D. / Chancellor at University of Minnesota Rochester

Melissa Timberlake is a rare talent in this world. She weaves her masterful coaching capability, observant intuition, creative depth and clear communication skills to help others identify and claim their personal strengths to develop an accountable action plan and exceed expectations in life and work. As with many leaders in fast paced growth industries, Melissa is one of the most unique, adaptive, creative and trust worthy coaches I've had the pleasure to work with. If you dare to go beyond the edges of comfort and explore your own unrealized potential, Melissa will coach you, expand your leadership, activate your creativity and celebrate your journey.

Mike Masterson / WW Sales at Nutanix


55 minute sessions: $125


All coaching sessions are 55 minutes in length and take place over the phone or Skype


Coaching with Melissa

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