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Isn't it time to listen to that longing to write?

There will never be a better time than NOW.

You will never be younger than today.

Right now, it's time to Write Now. 

LifeLaunchMe and PowerPen can help you

launch your writing dreams,

tell the story that's begging to be written.

Put the business acumen into print.

Whether book or article, the words burning a hole in your soul or your life story,

we'd love to help you.

Because the longing to write does not a book make. Talking about writing does not write that piece. 

Join us for PowerPen.

One day that can change your life. Get your words down on paper. Build the structure of your article and book.

We will help you. 

Because You Have Words In You That Need to Get Out. 

PowerPen with Jane Rubietta, 

Author, Speaker, and Coach:

proven methods to move from idea to article to book.

“I knew my writing had a voice, I just didn’t know it could sing. Jane Rubietta’s Non-Fiction Writing Class gave voice to my work by teaching me the essentials of writing non-fiction like dialogue, description, setting, premise, promise and take-away for my readers. She taught me. She inspired me. And she launched me—on the path to publication.”

                                                                                     James C. Magruder

Power Pen

Exclusive countdown to write and get published!


       Stop waiting for tomorrow, or next year. Or when life settles down. Or you retire. 

       Develop your writing ideas, and


  • Advance your career

  • Enhance your current income

  • Finance your future and dreams.


Proven Methods to:

  • Focus your idea and audience

  • Outline your work

  • Structure chapters

  • Compile and edit your book

  • Write a proposal

Watch here for the next Power Pen!

Meet Jane Rubietta

Jane Rubietta, author of 20 books and hundreds of articles and an international speaker, is a Master Instructor. She has spent zillions of hours honing the craft of writing and speaking, and coaching (and coaxing) others to do the same. Assistant Director of Write-to-Publish, Jane has been on faculty since 1996. Jane has helped thousands of people write and get published, developing ideas, outlines, articles, and books. 

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