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Best. Year. Ever. Wait, Really?

New day, new year. The future awaits. Celebrate. Blow party screamers, shoot fireworks, cheer when the clock strikes midnight. Shout “Happy New Year!”

Or, you went to bed at 10 pm. Woke on January 1, and nothing had changed.

We wait for life to happen, hope it does. Then we’re upset and depressed and distracted when it doesn’t. But what if this is the New Year of the New Dream? The year to stop waiting, drop the resolutions and pick up your potential? Resolutions fail because they’re shoulds and oughts. We should lose weight, exercise, clean our closets, save money, eat healthy. We ought to be polite, read more, wash the salt off our cars. Bor-ing.

Instead of focusing on what we SHOULD do, let’s focus on what we're CREATED to do. You are uniquely gifted, with a history (good, bad, hard, happy) and a skill set to live a life that matters.

You are one-of-a-kind (“There’s only one you…” Dr. Seuss said). And you have unlimited options because the unlimited God lives within you. The God who said, I can do exceedingly abundantly beyond anything you can ask or imagine. That One.

Some questions to start with:

  • Where, when have you felt most alive? What were you doing?

  • Where have you felt the most impactful?

  • When have you said to yourself, “Yes! I am good at this!”?

  • I would love to ­______________.

  • “If I could ________”

  • Before I die, I want to know that I ________________.

Imagine you’re a kid again, you’ve got the rest of your life, the sky’s the limit, and “dreams really do come true.” What’s yours? Because you still DO have the rest of your life, and the sky’s the limit, and “dreams really do come true.” If you dare. This year, make a choice. Live into your potential. Live into the unlimited possibilities. Don’t know what they are? Don’t know how? Come to Get Your Dream On. One day of exploration, community, challenge, and invitation. Can't get there? Join our MasterMind Class!  Tap into the longing on your soul:  To be more. Live more. Make a difference.Because life is too important to wait.

Best. Year. Ever. Seriously.

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