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Drop Your Resolutions, Pick Up Your Dream!

Spending lots of time clarifying what your New Year’s resolutions might be? Losing weight? Exercising more? Saving more? Getting organized?

My advice? Stop it!

​​​​​​​Statistically speaking, 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by the 2nd week of February. In fact, according to one commonly cited statistic, only 8% of people stick to their New Year’s resolutions. Those are pretty depressing odds!

What if there is a better way to improve your life? As a professional life coach, I believe there is. In fact, when I coach my clients I tell them, “Drop your resolutions and pick up your dream instead!”

So how about you? What’s that one big dream that’s been on your heart for a long time? Now, imagine how you’d feel if at the end of 2018 you had wholeheartedly pursued your one BIG dream? Imagine actually writing that book. Taking that dream trip to Europe. Running that marathon. Creating that business. Stepping out onto that larger speaking platform. Changing that career.

What if 2018 could be the year that changes everything? I believe it can! A life truly pursuing your dreams can be over-the-top invigorating. Those who consistently and passionately pursue and honor their dreams

  • are marked by courage

  • inspire others with hope and inspiration

  • regret less

  • live with purpose

  • attract other dream seekers

  • experience happiness more often.

Here at Life Launch Me, we believe big dreams deserve to live! As our New Year’s gift to you, we’ve included the following My 2018 Big Dream Inventory. Use these questions as a way to consider that one big dream of your heart. The questions are meant to guide you toward better clarity and focus. Hopefully, as you take time to reflect on each one, you’ll be infused with passion and purpose.

Why not make 2018 a year when you drop New Year’s resolutions and pick up your dream instead? Here’s to your 2018. May it be your best year ever!

My 2018 Big Dream Inventory

  1. What’s one dream on my heart that continues to beg for my attention?

  2. What would be different for me if I gave myself permission to pursue that dream?

  3. What about my dream invigorates me?

  4. What about my dream seems most challenging?

  5. What do I need to stop doing (or do less) in order to spend more time pursuing my dream?

  6. What/Who most distracts me from making my dream a priority?

  7. Imagine how it will feel when, at the end of 2018, I have launched my dream forward. What words best describe how I’ll feel?

  8. What personal quality/characteristic must I develop or strengthen in order to more fully pursue my dream?

  9. Who can I talk to about my dream who will be supportive and encouraging?

  10. Who can help keep me accountable?

  11. When it comes to pursuing my dream, how do I want to remember 2018?

  12. Name 3 people who I should be spending more time with to help me pursue my dream?

  13. What mindset (excuses) from the past have kept me from pursuing my dream? How can I let that mindset go so that it does not stall me out again?

  14. What is my single biggest time waster that keeps me from pursuing my dream?

  15. What’s my mantra/theme/intention/word for 2018 that will help me move my dream forward?

  16. When it comes to pursuing my dreams, what has been missing?

  17. What will I most regret if I do not pursue my dreams again this year?

  18. How has my self-talk gotten in the way of pursuing my dreams? What must I stop saying to myself? What must I start saying?

  19. What is most meaningful to me about pursuing my dream?

  20. Looking back over the past year, what wise advice would I give myself about pursuing my dreams in 2018?

​​​​​​​If you’re longing for 2018 to be the year that you launch your big dream forward...we have two amazing opportunities you won’t want to miss!

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Also, we have exclusive Get Your Dream On Mastermind Groups starting up in March. Imagine being part of a high-vibrational, safe and encouraging tribe of like-minded people who are all pursuing their dreams together! For more information or to register click here:

​​​​​​​Happy New Year! Happy Dreaming!

Doug, Melissa & Jane

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