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Quickly take your English language learning to the next level with our fun, interactive group conversations.


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Today's Tip: "Other Ways to Say You're Welcome"

Ways to say You are WelcomeDoug Timberlake
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 Language Café
with Melissa & Doug Timberlake 

So when it comes to speaking English, you're not bad! You're pretty comfortable holding a conversation. You know a good amount of different English words and phrases. You can understand what your teachers are asking you and you are happy to try speaking about different topics. You're not perfect, but you are getting better! Your desire is to improve your level of English fluency. Still, something is missing. You're ready to add  another small level of challenge to your learning. You want to be able to join into group conversations with more than just you and another person. It would be a huge benefit to feel more confident when talking to English speakers from different countries. 

If you want to quickly improve your English language skills, one of the best ways is to have conversations with others! In the Language Cafe, we provide a safe, fun, and memorable environment to do just that! Our conversation groups create amazing opportunities to have in-depth discussions on a wide range of topics. Besides that, you will also meet other fabulous people from all around the world! As English language teachers, our biggest joy is getting to know people from many different cultures. We also want YOU to be able to experience how cool it is to make connections with a variety of people from across the globe. English is known as the universal language. Improve your English fluency by joining us for one of our fun, lively conversations! We look forward to having you join us for a fresh, new way of improving your English speaking and listening skills.

Many of our language students are in situations where they speak in English with other colleagues, clients, and friends from all over the globe. This group experience is the perfect place to improve your speaking skills and improve your listening skills as you hear accents from other countries. However, your teachers (Doug & Melissa) are native English speakers. 

The price is right, and the opportunity is perfect! Register below today!


Doug and Melissa Timberlake are English language teachers who have taught thousands of English lessons to students of all ages and cultures. From Russia, to China, Brazil, Japan, Italy and South Korea (and a multitude of other countries) their students will tell you that they love their fun, easy-going, casual and creative teaching styles.

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The Timberlakes are experts in communication with years of experience in media, coaching and leading groups. It is their joy to connect with people from around the world and help them learn English in the fastest, most enjoyable way possible!

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Why you don't want to miss this!

  1. Build your confidence when speaking English

  2. Enjoy a fun, supportive, non-judgmental community

  3. Try new idioms that native speakers use regularly

  4. Become a more dynamic storyteller

  5. Learn easy ways to start a conversation

  6. Practice basic speaking skills

  7. Get familiar with foreign accents



Saturday, December 4th @ 7am CT

Our topics will change every week so sign up now before our classes fill up!

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Class Time: 55 minutes

Cost: $7.50 per session

Platform: Zoom

Leaders: Dynamic, thoughtful, funny, communication experts

Payment Options: PayPal or credit card 

Link: We'll send you the unique link once you're registered

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