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The Stories

of Your Life

with award-winning author Karen Mains

Now's Your Time!

If you've longed to write your life stories, but need a writing coach...then look no further. Karen Mains, a seasoned and best-selling author, will guide you step by step through the ins and outs of memoir writing. Having published over 27 books, many of them using the memoir style, she knows how to successfully weave a captivating story that communicates deep personal learning for the reader. 

The advantage of working with a professional, award-winning author is that Karen knows what keeps would-be writers from actually writing. Being mentored by Karen is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and will take your writing to a whole new level.

This memoir writing class is a chance to wrestle with the meaning of your own life through humor, personal essay, an op-ed piece, or a classical memoir format. 


  • An opportunity to pass along specific wisdom and life lessons.

  • Provides therapeutic benefits through the writing process

  • Sharpens your memory and deepens the meaning of your experiences

  • Gain a sense of personal power through exploring your story

  • Provides fun and a sense of accomplishment

  • Leaves a legacy for family and friends

  • Honors people from your past

  • Represents your life story in a way that only you can




  • Teaching on personal memoir writing

  • How to get started

  • Choosing your best stories

  • Creating interesting lead paragraphs

  • How to overcome writer's block

  • The importance of a writing schedule

  • Why stories matter and how to tell good ones

  • Finding your authentic voice

  • Mining the deeper truths

  • Finding inspiration

  • Inviting feedback

  • Marketing yourself and your stuff

  • Journaling: a way to record details

  • Writing the natural way

  • Internet writing: Blogging, Facebook pages, E-newsletters

  • Building your writer's platform

  • Your writer's bio

  • The writer's ego

  • The query letter, writer's resume and book proposal

Your Instructor:

Karen Mains

For decades, Karen Mains, a prolific writer and gifted communicator, has offered her talents, as well as her joys and sorrows, to the building of God’s Kingdom. Whether as an author, speaker, or radio and television producer and co-host, Karen has addressed the deep spiritual needs and longings that surface in our current society. Karen’s voice is always substantive and practical. Many of her creative works have been birthed out of personal experience. Her first best-selling book, Open Heart, Open Home, is considered a classic and deals with the theology of Christian hospitality. It has sold more than 600,000 copies and captured experiences out of 12 years serving in an inner-city pastorate in a church founded by her husband, David R. Mains. 

Karen Headshot 1.jpg

Karen’s children’s-book series The Kingdom Tales Trilogy was given the Evangelical Press Association’s Gold Medallion Award. 

Although she has authored more than 27 books in the religious fields (her most recent is The God Hunt with IVPress), Karen feels called to write about spiritual meaning into the secular culture, and is now spending much of her time discovering markets that are open to her work.






Classes are held every 2 weeks

Classes run around 1.5 hours each


All classes will be held on a private ZOOM call

Cost: $500 for 10 Private Group Zoom calls

Tuesdays @ 9 am CT - Starting on JULY 7th through NOVEMBER 10th

Thursdays @ 7pm CT - Starting on JULY 9th through NOVEMBER 12th

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