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Dreams need a plan.
Plans need a system.
Systems need time.
You'll find all this and more at our Dream Lab Retreat.
Our DREAM LAB works because we know that dreams need plans which evolve through experimentation, exploration, and actual forward movement. Talking about dreams and writing down steps isn’t the magic. You can do that at home. Alone...wasting all your energy a'hoping and a'wishing. Dreams require action. Action creates energy. Energy creates momentum. And momentum creates change. With our Life Launch Me system, you’ll discover (with clarity) what you need to do, learn, change, accomplish, and create in order to launch your dream forward. 
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You can go it alone...but why? Belonging to a supportive community creates lasting success.
A crucial part of moving from the “dreaming” stage to the “creating” stage is community support. Dreams thrive best when nurtured in a  safe, encouraging and generous community that wholeheartedly wants your dream to succeed.
When you surround yourself with the right people, big dreams become more attainable! Your Life Launch Me community is a supportive community that applauds you in the stretching, advises you through the challenges, and connects you with information, resources and contacts that you weren’t aware of before. LLM is an exclusive community of fascinating, fun and dynamic people who are jazzed by the process of dream resourcing. 
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You are the expert of your life and dreams. Unlocking that brilliance is key to realizing your dreams. Life Launch Me is the locksmith.
Through group and individual coaching sessions you'll discover the areas of your life where you're playing small, getting in your own way, sabotaging your dreams and compromising your capacity. 
Awareness is one of the keys to changing your habits and patterns and therefore changing your life. Our certified life/business coaches will work with you to identify crucial areas of growth, practical steps and challenges that stretch you. 
Transformational coaching principles are woven throughout all elements of the process.  
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When it comes to dreams, we're on a quest to help you design a plan that will move you from dreamin' to doin'. 
What we wouldn't have given to have a program like Life Launch Me when we were in the early pursuit of our dreams. There was a moment in history when we considered what would have made a difference in our lives. It was clear: a supportive community, a step-by-step system, and a detailed action plan would have made going for our dreams so much easier. 
While away on a working retreat the idea for Life Launch Me formed. We started looking for other programs whose very purpose was to help launch dreams into reality. We found very few. Certainly there are ways to find financial backing for a dream that's already been created...but the unique idea of streamlining a dream from concept to creation was riveting. Thus Life Launch Me was born.
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