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As a special friend of Destiny Jones

you qualify for a $100 discount

on the registration fee! 



Because Your Big Dreams Deserve To Live

A workshop where you begin the process

of bringing your dreams to life.

Inspiring Hope
Creating Possibilities
Listen to what attendees are saying about this dynamic workshop.

A One-Day

Workshop that will...

  • Validate your dream

  • Show you you're not alone

  • Infuse you with passion

  • Change impossible into possible

  • Shift daunting into doable

  • Clarify your first steps

  • Confirm your true capacity

  • Get you into action 

If you  feel life is passing you by and you have a dream that keeps tugging at your heart...this workshop is exactly what you need! Together, we'll answer the life-altering questions that, up until now, have kept you stuck: 

What's my dream?

What's my desire?

What's my problem?

What's stopping me?

What's next?


This 6 hour workshop will help you discover your dreams, uncover your passions and purpose, wrestle with that doubting gremlin that tells you to play small and avoid risks, and inspire you to draw up an action plan towards launching your dream. 

Through a supportive community of like-minded participants, you'll learn that going for your dreams is less painful than living a life of regret. At Life Launch Me, we strongly believe that your dream deserves to live! Everyone longs for the opportunity to create a life that leaves you fulfilled. Sometimes, however, we just need help in clarifying our dreams, getting back in touch with our passions, and putting aside the excuses that have kept us stuck for so long. Expert coaching, advice, and insights are just a small portion of what you'll experience when you come join us at GET YOUR DREAM ON! 

Led by Jane Rubietta,

Doug & Melissa Timberlake



I'd recommend the "Get Your Dream On" workshop because it is packed with creative activities, reflective activities and proactively planning activities. It also gifts its participants with fresh information, passionate predictions, and affirming encouragement. I am so glad I invested my time, my heart, and my effort into this dream-coming-true magical day! What has sparked won't be stopped, especially because the cheering section is still available, after making friends and networking connections!


Thanks for a life-changing dose of encouragement!


Insurance Agent

The Get Your Dream workshop helped me get in touch with and clarify my dreams. It gave me remarkable tools that I’m using still today! The workshop had a wonderfully supportive atmosphere. Together, all three leaders are truly inspiring!


At the end of the workshop we got really clear about what was blocking us, getting in our way, and how to let that part of our story go...discarding it forever. Everyone felt supported, loved and acknowledged. At the end of it all, I know, without a doubt, that I am strong. I am gifted. I am capable! The workshop was an amazing experience and I would whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone who wants to pursue their dreams!



Get Your Dream On was a fantastic day! I highly recommend this workshop to anyone wondering whether or not their dreams are important and how to go about achieving those dreams. Not only did I come away feeling motivated to pursue my dreams that others have summarily dismissed in the past, but I felt incredibly affirmed that there is deep value in what I believe in and desire to do for the rest of my life.  I know this weekend will continue to change my life for the better!


So here's the proof... 

Since that day only one weekend ago I have submitted my novel for publication to two more publishers, connected with a paint party group and I now have an interview to teach for this group.  In addition, I've blocked off times on my calendar to "meet with my business partner" - that would be me - and work specifically on creative goals.  


Thank you, Jane, Doug, and Melissa for this wonderful experience!




 Saturday, APRIL 28th, 2018

9am - 4pm 
418 W. Touhy Ave.
Park Ridge IL 60068
Just minutes from O'Hare airport
Friends of Destiny - $147 (for 1st person)​ 
Friends of Destiny Two - $197 (Only $50 for 2nd person)
Regular - $247
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