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A podcast sharing years of wisdom, insights and humor from the ministry team of David & Karen Mains

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A New Podcast Every Wednesday!

Whether you're a former listener of The Chapel of the Air, or you're a new listener to our podcast BEFORE WE GO, we're thrilled that you've found us and we look forward to sharing our years of insights and wisdom with you. 

Scriptures and Questions to Support You Through this COVID 19 Pandemic.

We'd love to send you the Scripture passages and reflection questions that we mentioned on the recent podcasts. To do so, we just need your name and a good email so we can send them along to you. If you'd like to donate to the ministry there's an opportunity for you to do that in the request form below.


Thanks for being an important part of our podcast and be sure to stay in touch. We love it when we hear from you.

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