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Melissa Timberlake is an author, speaker and professional life coach with an unwavering passion for excellence. Her life purpose is to connect with and inspire others through creative communication, events and experiences. She has a sharp instinct that helps her detect and hone those qualities that are highest, best and most brilliant in both people and in organizations. She loves the challenge of exploring areas of growth that seem unreachable–goals that most would consider unattainable, or even unthinkable. One of her core beliefs is, “Growth happens when you're on the edge". Whether speaking to a large audience, or leading a smaller, more intimate workshop, she impacts others by nudging, guiding and encouraging her audience to explore areas of expansion they’ve not experienced before.

With a background in theater performance, radio, television and video production, Melissa is comfortable and confident in a variety of creative communication formats. She was the producer for the nationally syndicated radio program, The Chapel of the Air, which aired on almost 500 outlets each Monday through Saturday across the U.S. and Canada. She was also the co-host for the nationally syndicated television program, “You Need To Know”. Melissa believes passionately in the healing of laughter. Because of that, she trained in improvisation and comedy at Improv Olympics in Chicago. With her husband, Doug, she created The Comedy Café, a whacky, sidesplitting, interactive, improvisational show that keeps audiences on their toes while building community through laughter, play and fun.

Along with numerous freelance assignments, Melissa has co-authored 3 books. Her first book entitled Getting Beyond “How Are you?” teaches people how to create deeper connections through the art of good conversation. She has been a scriptwriter for the nationally syndicated broadcast, “Kid’s Corner” which teaches values to children.

Besides being an excellent communicator, Melissa is also an intuitive and highly effective Professional Life Coach who “holds” a person, concept, business or project to its ultimate greatness. She’s been described as a consummate encourager who stands by the resolute belief that we can do more, be more, become more–and all the while truly enjoy the process. She possesses the rare combination of powerful listening, spot-on insights and a fierce commitment to how her clients are showing up in their businesses and in their personal lives.


Doug Timberlake is a certified executive coach and media professional with years of experience working with global firms. He specializes in sharpening leadership skills and igniting personal growth in his clients. His expertise in individual and team coaching, speech coaching, designing and facilitating workshops, hosting webinars and media production, all align to create a dynamic experience that engages others in hands-on learning and critical thinking.

Doug has co-designed the successful Elevate coaching program for Cognizant Technology Solutions which has been used by thousands of IT professionals to stretch past their limiting beliefs and take on bigger challenges that prepare them for larger leadership roles. He coaches both onsite and offshore individuals, from many different cultures across the globe. His speech coaching techniques help to bring out the best performance in his clients. His clients range from first time leads to top executives. Doug has the ability to reach inside and coax out the hidden performer that’s been waiting for permission to appear.

His background in improvisational comedy, performance, public speaking and leading experiential workshops, all create a safe space for groups to explore alternate perspectives and solutions. Doug is skilled, confident and at ease in understanding group dynamics. His quick sense of humor and natural communication skills challenges teams to consider and create the best outcomes.

With years of experience in television and corporate video production, Doug creatively crafts a message that engages, entertains and communicates the learning. Some of the corporate teams that Doug has worked with include Accenture, Shell, Exxon Mobil, Chevron, Unilever, Cognizant, Marriott, and Nestles, as well as many others.

Doug’s training and certifications come from a wide variety of sources such as The Coaches Training Institute, Team Coaching International, Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching, and The Leadership Circle.


Jane Rubietta, author of 20 books, hundreds of articles, and an international speaker. She is a Master Speaker and critically acclaimed author, and co-directs  the international Write to Publish Writers Conference. Jane is a frequent guest on radio programs nationwide, and can help you with any level of media marketing. She has coached hundreds of people worldwide toward their dreams, helping them get free from their past and move into their future with passion. Whether you dream of writing that book, or weaving your expertise into compelling stage presentations, Jane helps you take those next steps.  Make life-changing decisions. Alter the course of your journey. Change your relationships. Sound scary? You're not alone! Great things happen through challenging conversations that invite us into our best selves. "I couldn't have published this book without Jane," her clients tell her, selling out their first print runs. Her international platform and stage background combines the best of practical microphone experience and drama, all of which are available to her clients.  

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